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University Behaviour

University Behaviour 

The University strives to create a positive social environment in which to live, work and learn. As an employer and a provider of education and accommodation to students, the University is deeply committed to a culture where all members of our community are treated with dignity, courtesy and respect.

The University recognises that all staff and students of the University

  • have a right to work and/or study in an environment that is free from inappropriate behaviour; and
  • ensure that the University complies with the provisions of relevant legislation in regard to discrimination, harassment and bullying.

The University has a number of policies and procedures in support of a work and /or study environment that is inclusive, diverse and free from inappropriate behaviour including:

The University will appoint and provide training to Behaviour Contact Officers (BCOs) as a valuable first point of contact for anyone who may have experienced discrimination, harassment, bullying or other inappropriate behaviour.

These behaviours towards a person or group are unlawful in both State and Federal jurisdictions, and where identified, need to be addressed.  

Further information about preventing workplace harm from inappropriate behaviours can be found under the WHS website for Psychosocial Risk.