Human Resources

Pre-Employment Health Reports

The University's pre-employment health report system involves self-disclosure by applicants for appointment in relation to medical issues which may impact on an applicant being able to fulfil the inherent requirements of the position being applied for.

The University is committed to ensuring that it does not place individuals in situations of undue risk of injury or illness, whilst at the same time upholding its commitment to anti-discrimination in the workplace and to providing reasonable accommodations to facilitate the employment of individuals with disabilities.

Preferred applicants will be required to complete a Pre-Employment Health Report Form [Word] providing relevant information as to their capacity to undertake the duties of the position taking into consideration the risk factors identified in Part A of the form.  Once completed and returned the report will be assessed by the University's Work Health and Safety Unit.

Where there are concerns as to the capacity to fulfil the inherent requirements of the position an assessment will be undertaken by a medical practitioner. Employment will only be denied where the medical practitioner determines that the inherent requirements of the position cannot be fulfilled.