Human Resources

Gender and Campus Balance on Committees

  1. All committees where perceived or actual inequity might otherwise arise, should have representation from both campuses and from both genders.
  2. At Council level, the relevant committees are chair selection committees, and in such instances there should be a general delegation to the Vice-Chancellor to appoint up to two additional members of any selection committee if the process of appointing and electing other members has not produced a committee of reasonable balance.
  3. The Academic Senate should be informed of Council’s action and advised to give an analogous authorisation to its chair to appoint up to two additional members of relevant Academic Senate committees.
  4. All faculties should be advised and requested to follow the same practice and authorise the Dean to augment membership of relevant committees.
  5. Noting that matters relating to appointments and promotions are prescribed in Council policies, Council determines that the Vice-Chancellor has the same delegation on those matters as in (2) above.


University Council - 22 July 1994

Nomenclature Revised:

March 1998