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Workforce Planning

What is Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning - "having the right people in the right place at the right time"

The Workforce Planning, Equity and Diversity Unit aims to provide a high-level of advice to budget centres in determining  the workforce requirements necessary to achieve their strategic goals. This can involve considering future business directions and determining what skills, competencies and the staffing profile necessary to achieve these goals.

The Unit can assist with:

  • obtaining and analysing demographic data to profile your current workforce;
  •  providing relevant statistics to identify staffing trends (ie recruitment, exit and entry survey data, staff turnover, promotion, staff mobility, reclassification etc);
  • providing advice on the Managing Change in the Workplace requirements contained within the University's workplace agreements which will be relevant upon implementation of some workforce planning strategies;
  • developing workforce planning documentation for consultation with staff;
  • advice on making changes to the staffing profile through appointments, transfers and separations, and what assistance is available to Budget Centres;
  • implementation of a range of human resources policies, procedures and practices at the work unit level relating to the attraction and retention of staff for workforce planning purposes; and
  • advice on restructuring.

Workforce Planning contacts

Dean Mundey
Ext: 3584